viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

  Hi everyone!

How  you doing?

Today I'm going to to tell you about a photograph I like, this picture was taken (with my camera) by my sister, at our cousin's wedding  who calls Francisca. (Everyone call her by his nickname, "Panchy")

 The photo shows me  and  my boyfriend, (Edu) with very cute outfits at the wedding's party, (celebrated at my uncle's house, located in Pirque.) We were drinking some tasty cocktails!!

 We look very nice on the picture, and our clothes Rocks!

He dress a black shirt with a white tie, and a ring with a "Fleur de lis" on his finger. &  I'm dress with a red strapless cocktail dress, with a zipper on the heart neckline, made of satin fabric; and a pair of round sunglasses. My lips are make ​​up with a red lipstick, that matches with the clothes I wear on the photo.

In this picture we look very happy and cute together, and that's why I like. We have a lot of picture together, but this is the best!.

Also I must confess that in the other pictures that I have mentioned, we look very ugly!!!!!! 
I have another confeccion to make, someone told me that he remembered the movie "Vampiros en la Habana" when he saw our picture!! ( It is a Cuban cartoon film) Because we look so pale as vampires, and we are drinking  exotic caribbean drinks, and the background looks like a Habana's  jungle!

I thought that was a pretty cool comment, and also hilarious!
but I love vampires, and I like that movie, so that's another reason to love this picture!


See you later Guys, Xoxo! Jazzy.

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