sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Hello bloggers!
I'm sorry for posting late this week, but I was sick!

Today I'm going to to tell you about Education and creativity.

I saw a video about Sir Ken Robinson's talk (at the website "www.ted.com")
Who said that creativity is being  killed  by the actual education.


In the video, Robinson proposes through a lots of jokes and anecdotes, that human creativity is amazing, and every kid born with it, but  meanwhile the boy or girl is growing up, the educational sistem where he or she is insert, is restricting  his or her creativity.

He said, that what education do, it's only create a person with a degree in some knowledge, but education don't stimulate people intelligence, at all!!

also, In our country education it's so expensive!! and it only works for learning about a job, and get into the system!

But when we study a career, that it's important to culture, creativity, Intelligence, and enjoy life through the art, music, theatre, literature, philosophy, etc. People think  that it is useless!!!  because it doesn't works for working and make some money!

So that's the society at we live.

But I think, as a society, we have to meditate on this subject, and redirect our expectations of the education like Ken proposes at his talk; we have to rethink the fundamental principies of the education, starting for ourselves, and then teaching to the children; and in this way, we assure  a good future for all humankind, and also the intelligence and talent, will be valued as it deserves. 

That's all for this week, 
See you soon, xoxo, Jazzy.

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