jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Hello bloggers,  Today I'm going to talk about something related to my new area of studies, psychology.

I search for  information, in the web cite "  http://www.guardian.co.uk"
and I found an  interesting article, that said that physical exercises doesn't help to overcome depression.

"The Research published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that adding a physical activity intervention to usual care did not reduce symptoms of depression more than usual care alone. 
This contrasts with current clinical guidance which recommends exercise to help those suffering from the mental illness."...
"..To carry out the study researchers recruited 361 patients aged 18 to 69 years who had recently been diagnosed with depression. Trial participants were then split into two groups to receive either the physical activity intervention in addition to usual care, or usual care on its own and were followed up for 12 months to assess any change in their symptoms.  But the study found that adding exercise failed to alleviate symptoms of depression more than usual care alone, only increasing levels of physical activity." (guardian.co.uk,

So if any doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist tell you that you have to workout your body, for overcome depression, He (or she) will be wrong!!!!!

 It's supposed that the evidence, that existed in the past for the positive effect of physical activity in treating depression has originated from studies of small, non-clinical samples, that in a bigger scale, doesn't apply for everyone!

 However, not every thing is lost!!!!!  it is really important to have in mind,  that increased physical activity is beneficial for people who have other illness, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease and, of course, these medical conditions can affect people with depression.

So if you want to make exercise and feel happy about it,  just do it!
In my case, I don't really like exercise, and I think if I practice it, I will be depressed!!!!

thats all for this week, see you soon!! xoxo Jazzy.

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  1. i'm interesting in depression to, and i think that the new is so interesting

  2. I think it depends in how much you like to do physical exercises, if you hate to do exercises you will get even more depressed xD