lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Hi Bloggers!! This is my last post for this semester! WOW! It's amazing how fast the time goes by!

This semester has been insane!!! a lot of proyects! a lot of work! a lot of studies!

And now at the very end of this semester, the quantity of readings for the final exams are a lot too!!!!, I feel totally wacko!!!!

Well, but that is not enough reason for don't post the last entry for the blog of this semester!!!!!!

So let's start. As last homework, our teacher left us a video about a psicology subject, the division of the brain.

In the video, the Psychiatrist called Iain McGilchrist, explain with cartoons, the real differences between the left and right halves of our brain.

He said that the division of the brain is something that neuroscientists don't like to talk about anymore, but in the past, between '60s to '70s was a popular subject, after the first brains operations. People always thought that the brain was divided between a reason side, and a emotional side; but the real thing is, that the brain It's not simply "emotion on the right, reason on the left;" It's something so much more complex and interesting to studied.

We also saw this subject in our psychology class, in the book called: "psychology and life," And we learn ( my classmates and I) that one of the most important things about brain is the corpus callosum, wich is a fiber that connects the two cerebral hemispheres, and makes the brain processes have meaning for ourselves.

When you divide the corpus callosum, you separate the functions of the brain, so if you are subjected to this operation, It is probably that you can't understand some actions of your body, for example, see with your right eye, what your left hand is taken, Etc.

For find out more about this topic, watch the video about it:

That' s all folks! xoxo, Jazzy.

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Hello Bloggers, 
To day I'm going to talk about my english class, at college.

I think that is really important to learn english, for having better chances in life, for example, exchange studies, working,  traveling, or share information with people from other countries, even a simple conversation.
Having english at the university, it's a great oportunity for learning this languaje, and get  certified credibility, along with my other studies and courses that I taken at college.

The english class that I have took was very interesting, and entertaining, and it was every thursday from 2.30 to 6.00 pm. 

In the first block, the task was to write the blog, and then at the second block, We  practiced (Me and my classmates) speaking english, talking about some topics that our teacher, Miss Lourdes propose to us.
Next thursday I have the final exam. I'm nervous!

The only thing that missing in this class, It is a cute British exchange student!!! 

...better not.

that's all for this post, xoxo ,Jazzy. :)

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Hello bloggers,  Today I'm going to talk about something related to my new area of studies, psychology.

I search for  information, in the web cite ""
and I found an  interesting article, that said that physical exercises doesn't help to overcome depression.

"The Research published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that adding a physical activity intervention to usual care did not reduce symptoms of depression more than usual care alone. 
This contrasts with current clinical guidance which recommends exercise to help those suffering from the mental illness."...
"..To carry out the study researchers recruited 361 patients aged 18 to 69 years who had recently been diagnosed with depression. Trial participants were then split into two groups to receive either the physical activity intervention in addition to usual care, or usual care on its own and were followed up for 12 months to assess any change in their symptoms.  But the study found that adding exercise failed to alleviate symptoms of depression more than usual care alone, only increasing levels of physical activity." (,

So if any doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist tell you that you have to workout your body, for overcome depression, He (or she) will be wrong!!!!!

 It's supposed that the evidence, that existed in the past for the positive effect of physical activity in treating depression has originated from studies of small, non-clinical samples, that in a bigger scale, doesn't apply for everyone!

 However, not every thing is lost!!!!!  it is really important to have in mind,  that increased physical activity is beneficial for people who have other illness, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease and, of course, these medical conditions can affect people with depression.

So if you want to make exercise and feel happy about it,  just do it!
In my case, I don't really like exercise, and I think if I practice it, I will be depressed!!!!

thats all for this week, see you soon!! xoxo Jazzy.

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Hello Bloggers!
Today I'm going to talk about Sir Ken Robinson again.

I saw a new video, at,  called "Changing Paradigms of Education."

In the video we can see a hand drawn illustrations ( like cartoons) of what is being said about education.
In this talk, Sir Ken Robinson propose that all part of the world, at this moment, are reforming public education.

 and various types of questions arise about the subject:

How do we educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21ts century?

How do we insert the children in the  global education, without losing their identity and culture?
 How do we square that circle?

The problem is, accordance with Ken robinson says, that people trying to reach the future, doing what they did in the past, and in the way, they are alienating millions of children, who don't see any purpose to going to school.

In the Past people believed in this structure:
Hard work ---> Do well ----> going to college ---> have a job

But Kids from this era don't buy that! because they said that have a college degree doesn't give a guarantee, any more. And may even be an impediment to achieving the things that are really important.

 Besides the old education system was designed & conceived for a diferent age.
So it have to change!!!

So we have to reflection about it and do something!!!!

                                     that's all for now, see you soon, xoxo! Jaz

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Hello bloggers!
I'm sorry for posting late this week, but I was sick!

Today I'm going to to tell you about Education and creativity.

I saw a video about Sir Ken Robinson's talk (at the website "")
Who said that creativity is being  killed  by the actual education.


In the video, Robinson proposes through a lots of jokes and anecdotes, that human creativity is amazing, and every kid born with it, but  meanwhile the boy or girl is growing up, the educational sistem where he or she is insert, is restricting  his or her creativity.

He said, that what education do, it's only create a person with a degree in some knowledge, but education don't stimulate people intelligence, at all!!

also, In our country education it's so expensive!! and it only works for learning about a job, and get into the system!

But when we study a career, that it's important to culture, creativity, Intelligence, and enjoy life through the art, music, theatre, literature, philosophy, etc. People think  that it is useless!!!  because it doesn't works for working and make some money!

So that's the society at we live.

But I think, as a society, we have to meditate on this subject, and redirect our expectations of the education like Ken proposes at his talk; we have to rethink the fundamental principies of the education, starting for ourselves, and then teaching to the children; and in this way, we assure  a good future for all humankind, and also the intelligence and talent, will be valued as it deserves. 

That's all for this week, 
See you soon, xoxo, Jazzy.

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

  Hi everyone!

How  you doing?

Today I'm going to to tell you about a photograph I like, this picture was taken (with my camera) by my sister, at our cousin's wedding  who calls Francisca. (Everyone call her by his nickname, "Panchy")

 The photo shows me  and  my boyfriend, (Edu) with very cute outfits at the wedding's party, (celebrated at my uncle's house, located in Pirque.) We were drinking some tasty cocktails!!

 We look very nice on the picture, and our clothes Rocks!

He dress a black shirt with a white tie, and a ring with a "Fleur de lis" on his finger. &  I'm dress with a red strapless cocktail dress, with a zipper on the heart neckline, made of satin fabric; and a pair of round sunglasses. My lips are make ​​up with a red lipstick, that matches with the clothes I wear on the photo.

In this picture we look very happy and cute together, and that's why I like. We have a lot of picture together, but this is the best!.

Also I must confess that in the other pictures that I have mentioned, we look very ugly!!!!!! 
I have another confeccion to make, someone told me that he remembered the movie "Vampiros en la Habana" when he saw our picture!! ( It is a Cuban cartoon film) Because we look so pale as vampires, and we are drinking  exotic caribbean drinks, and the background looks like a Habana's  jungle!

I thought that was a pretty cool comment, and also hilarious!
but I love vampires, and I like that movie, so that's another reason to love this picture!


See you later Guys, Xoxo! Jazzy.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom, I'm your chchhhhhchchchhhchhhhcherrryyy bomb!
who could not like, that famous Joan Jett song?

Today I'm very excited, because I'm going to talk about one of my favorite movies! 

  "The Lost Boys"

 The Lost Boys is an American eighties teen horror film directed by Joel Schumacher.

 The main actors of this film, were very popular at that time!

 Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Barnard Hughes.
(Some of them are still very famous.) 

 Jason Patric

 Kiefer Sutherland 

 Corey  Haim

 Jami Gertz

    The story begins with a mother (Lucy) and her two sons, Michel and Sam, who move out to a small coast town in California Called Santa Carla.  This town is known by a creepy title, " the Murder Capital of the World" and is plagued by bikers and some mysterious disappearance.

Lucy is a recently divorced, and it is for this reason that she and her children moves into her father's house.
The "Grandpa" of Michael and Sam, is  an eccentric old man who lives on the outskirts of town. He enjoys taxidermy as a hobby, and his house looks like "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"  full of dead animals, and weird stuff.

All the accion happens when Michel  is drawn into a gang of bikers by a beautiful girl called Star.
This motorbikers  looked like rock stars!!!
They invite Michel, to their hiding place, that is a cave located under a tectonic plate fault. And in this place they give hem to drink a bottle full of blood!

Mean while, the younger brother (Sam) makes friends with two other boys who claim to be vampire hunters, "The Frog brothers". at first he does not believe them, but when he discovered that his brother was a half vampire, he calls for help to this really weird Frog brothers!!!! (lol)

and what's going to happen now,when they know that vampires exist for real? and Sam Know that his brother is one of them?

to find out, you have to watch the movie!!!!!!

                              See you later guys, I hope you enjoy this movie as much I do XOxoxox!, Jazz.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Hello bloggers!,


                                               To day I'm going to talk about vampires.
Right now, I 'm watching a video from the Science Channel's on the Website, called "10 Ways to Meet a Monster; Vampires"

According to the video, Vampires are nocturnal, eternal, undead creatures, damned to the eternal craving for human blood, to sustain their hideous existences.

I have to mention that there is a lots of different cultures and religions, that have customs related with blood rituals, for salvation or longevity.  The experts believes that the idea of achieve eternal life from blood sucking, emerged from the conclusion that when people lose blood, they lose life, (or at least their lifes get in dangerous) So in some point, people started to think  that a creatures who acumulate blood could win extra years of  life.

However, the most figurative myth of vampires, as my concern, came from Transylvania, with the figure of prince Vlad tepes. 

A writer called Bram Stoker, felt inspired by the profile of  this wicked prince to create the most famous vampire character, " Dracula".
Thanks to this novel, and a lots of movies made ​​on this subject, the legend of the vampire, as a romantic and existentialist character, spread through all the world.

Nowadays people ask themselves: "Can human vampires achieve eternal life from blood sucking?"
The idea of living eternally is something that human being has always dreaming;
 but at what cost?  Because,  in accordance with the legend,  for being a vampire and live forever,  u have to kill other people to survive.
Despite this, there's a lot of fans of this creatures around the world, who wants to become into vampires, or at least create a similar "look" 

  But, how do modern day vampires get their fangs?      

There is a guy, called Sebastian Van halen, who is a  vampire dentist, and provide sharp teeth  to everyone who need it.  It is so extrange and  hilarious! 

I want a pair of those fake fangs, right now! & become in to an evil  female vampire!.

(Malicious laugh)

To see more about vampires, follow the link:

And if you're looking for some vampire inspiration, here it is a music video, that I really like, from the soundtrack of the movie, "The Hunger":

                                  See you soon guys, and be careful with the stranger things, xoxo, Jazmín Ramírez.

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Hi everyone!
How u doing?

Today I'm going to to tell you about my favourite piece of technology, the digital photo camera.
I have a Finepix Fujifilm model.  It looks like to this picture:

I love taking pictures, but more than anything I love to transformed a simple digital picture, in to a fascinating Digital Imagen.
To make all that work, I use Photoshop tools, with them I can paint, crop, paste, erase, transform and make a all new scene, with the pictures taken from the camera.

And guess what is my favourite subject for my creations?, Stranger things!!!!!
(Evil lol)

Here there are some samples of my artwork:

 Gold Snake


Pequeño Mono.

I love the concept of stranger things, and I really like the possibility of create a all world of rare things on this virtual dimension. Also I'm fascinated because my stranger characters looks like they were real!!

Sometimes I printed my creations, for people can saw it outside of the computer screen. I received a lot of commentary,  some people love it,  some people hate it,  and some people said that felt afraid of them!!!!

If u guys want to see more of my artwork, click on this link:

See you soon, XOxo
Jazmín Ramírez. 

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Hi guys!

This week I want to tell u about David Bowie, and his Glam Rock music album "The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars."
Ziggy Stardust  is a 1972 concept album, that tells a story about the space, the world, and an "alien Rock Star". Bowie created a fabula on his lyrics about a Rock star martian, who came to earth as an avatar; a human manifestation of an alien being who is attempting to present a message of hope before World's end.

  I think this album is pretty inspiring, but melancholy, and it makes u feel really great,  like u're transported to another dimension!.

I didn't go to the concert because it was before I was born, but I watch the video clips on dvd at home every time I can. I love it!

Here is one of my favorite songs on video & lyric, enjoy!

Goodbye love
Didn't know what time it was the lights were low oh how
I leaned back on my radio oh oh
Some cat was layin' down some rock 'n' roll 'lotta soul, he said
Then the loud sound did seem to fade a ade
Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase ha hase
That weren't no D.J. that was hazy cosmic jive

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it's all worthwhile
He told me:
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie

I had to phone someone so I picked on you ho ho
Hey, that's far out so you heard him too! o o
Switch on the TV we may pick him up on channel two
Look out your window I can see his light a ight
If we can sparkle he may land tonight a ight
Don't tell your poppa or he'll get us locked up in fright


jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Hi Again Bloggers!
How u're doing?

 this week I going to tell you more about my self and my life.

 I was born in Santiago on april  13, 1989.

 My family is not so small:  my mum, brother, sister, and me; my dad died one year ago. We miss him a lot.
My boyfriend is also part of the family, because he lives with us.

 When I was three years old, I moved out  to a town in the north side of my country, called "Monte Patria", I lived there for a year, then I move out again to a town called  "Los Vilos", and I lived there for a long time, till I get seventeen. 
Los Vilos is in the shore and It's a very windy place. Some time i thought that I was going to fly over the place, because of the hard wind.

 I studied my elementary school in a religious school, called " Divina Providencia," then I went to the highschool called "Liceo Nicolas Federico Lohse Vargas".

when I enter to college, I came back to Santiago.

I studied art. Last week I told u guys that I´m a visual artist, graduated from the Universidad de Chile.
Also I told u, that I`m in first year of psychology in the same university.

Well I dont know what else to say for now, except that "strange things happen all the time" so be careful guys.

Greetings and see you soon.

 Xoxo Jazmín Ramírez.

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

hello world & bloggers!
how are u guys?

 I hope you're fine, because "strange things happen all the time"
and I guess then we have to be careful, because your never know when someone
is watching you....

(evil lol)

 I'm kidding. You shouldn't waste your time being worried about all the freaks outside like:
Obsessive compulsive people, psycho killers, hysterical people, cuckoo kids. 

Although I think that field belongs to psychologists and psychiatrists so I guess that's my new job "taking care of lunatics". At this time you should be asking yourself why so I will introduce myself;

Hi, my name is Jazmin Ramirez and I´m 22 years old. Soon (next Friday) I will be 23 years old. 
I´m a visual artist, graduated from the Universidad de Chile. Also I’m in first year of psychology in the same university;
So maybe I'll treat wacko people with art therapy.  (lol)


Greetings to all you readers, see you soon

Jazmín Ramírez.